PEPPERED ALBACORE TUNA (gf) cleanfish® Blackburn’s, organic greens, mixed olives, cage-free hard-boiled eggs, white anchovies, oven-roasted tomatoes, shallots, citrus dressing   14
B + B SALAD (gf) organic greens, tomatoes, olives, avocado, citrus vinaigrette   8
CHIMICHURRI STEAK COBB* (gf) Kobe Flat Iron steak, egg, tomato, Cabrales cheese, pancetta, pumpkin seeds, avocado, organic greens, citrus dressing   15
CHOPPED LATIN CHICKEN (gf) cabbage, jicama, piquillo peppers, pumpkin seeds, avocado, Manchego cheese, plantain chips, chimichurri honey dressing   13
B + B CEASAR (gf) baby romaine hearts, parmesan crisp, piquillo peppers, Cabrales dressing, plantain chips   12
GREEK (gf) iceberg, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed olives, feta cheese, citrus vinaigrette   11
SPICED SALMON* cleanfish® Loch Duart Scottish, organic greens, tomatoes, sweet spiced pecans, cured ricotta, citrus dressing   15

Add chicken 4 Add shrimp 6


4 CHEESE GRILL Manchego, fontina, sharp cheddar, pecorino romano, tomate soup dimi 9
B + B CHICKEN CLUB roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, applewood bacon, avocado, roasted tomato mayo, sour dough 11
WARM PASTRAMI spicy mojo mayo, marble rye 11
PIG-PORK-COW* half pound Kobe Wagyu* burger, Brioche bun, Spanish chorizo, pancetta, Manchego & white cheddar cheeses, pickled shallots 17
CUBANO PANINI black forest ham, roasted pork, Swiss, pickles, mojo mayo 12

*2010 regulations governing the sanitation of food establishments thoroughly cooking food of animal origin, including but not limited to beef, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, poultry, or shellstock reduces the risk of food borne illness. young children, the elderly, and individuals with certain health conditions may be at a higher risk if these foods are consumed raw of undercooked. (gf) = gluten free