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After Dinner Candy Flavors

The tart and tanginess of a lemon drop candy is brought to life with Candy King’s Lemon Drops e Juice. It is a mouth watering vape and delicious with every breath.

Add a little zip to your vape with the tangy tart combo of Lemon Drops.  Candy King perfectly replicated the original sour candy with a blend of just the right sweetness and tang.  Pucker up with each inhale punching your tongue with flavor.  Then get the rush of sweetness to soothe on the exhale.  Get your vape on with this citrus classic.

Grape lovers rejoice!  Grape Drank from Ruthless is here to satisfy that grape craving you have had all day.  Infusing a  mixture of grape candy and grape soda, Grape Drank is bound to leave you in Grape Heaven.

This E juice has a unique and special flavor. When you inhale it, you get a hard candy sensation that will give a tingling feeling to your buds. On the other hand, when you exhale it, you can taste the grape soda. There will be no stinging or burning sensation. It will smoothly and subtly hit your throat, so you can have an exceptional experience.

Naked 100’s Sour Sweet vape is the perfect name for this vape.  Refreshing lime infused soft candy is mixed with sweet and sour sugar for a delectable and flavor composition that will fill your mouth with every breath.

It is a premium quality e juice that will keep you vaping throughout the day. Upon inhaling, you can get a flavor of sweet lime hard candy that will leave you buds tingling for more. When you exhale, the sour sugar brings out a pleasant flavor, giving your mouth an everlasting impression. The throat hit of this juice is smooth

For the bubble gum vape enthusiasts, Shijin Vapor presents Melon Ball. This vape is a juicy melon cantaloupe bubblegum that takes you back to the popular Japanese style gum. Bold and sweet melon flavors are noticeable throughout. The only difference, the flavor does not go away like a stick of bubblegum.

When you inhale this vaping juice, a burst of bubblegum flavor will fill your mouth. Upon exhaling, you can get a sweet and bold taste of melon cantaloupe. This delivers the pure perfection of bubblegum flavor that will take you back to your childhood times. The throat hit is smooth, and you will not have any tingling feeling in the throat.

Space Jam’s Particle Y blends together the semi sweet blueberries with ripened raspberries with a candied sugar to create fruity explosion in the mouth.

Take a trip to the carnival with Particle Y.  Each inhale will bring you back to the cotton candy booth waiting for that big ball of fluff to be spun into candy gold.  The classic candy comes in both blueberry and raspberry with each exhale.

When the taste testers at Smoking Things sampled a bottle of Vape Pink Chew by Propaganda E Liquid, they swore that they could see bursts of stars. Sound familiar? This e-liquid captures the flavor of your favorite pink taffy cube.

Purely natured by the connoisseurs, the Vape Pink Chew has been big name in vaping and has gained a lot of fame and popularity amongst vapers. This vape is a delicious strawberry and candy themed e juice that would no doubt leave you in craving. The sweet strawberry flavor accents as you inhale and on exhalation the candy caresses your taste buds in a soft way. Coupled with a fine throat hit, this flavor would surely grant you every wishes in vaping.

Beard Vape Co No. 71 is their version of a timeless fruit candy.  With each inhale of 71, you will get a delicious reminder of the sweet and sour sugared peach rings that you had as a kid.

If you like the combination of sweet and sour flavors, Beard Vape Co No. 71 is the e-juice you need to give a try. Get a sweet flavor when you inhale it while the exhale will give you a rather sour taste. The aroma of this e-juice, coupled with its unique taste, definitely make it worth giving a try

Sour Melon from Cosmic Fog’s Platinum series is a sweet and juicy bright red watermelon that is mixed with an explosion of a sour candy. A perfect meld of sour and sweet to delight the taste buds.

Cosmic Fog goes above and beyond with their take on the melon sour candy.  They take a refreshing ripe watermelon and a delectable cantaloupe and combine them to make the inhale a sweet nectar.  That exhale then gives you a kick of sour that rolls off the tongue.  Get your kick of platinum with this brilliant flavor.

Pacha Mama’s blends sweet peaches, tasty papaya and rich coconut cream in this deliciously tropical E Juice that will have you clamoring for more.

Inhaling the Peach Papaya Coconut Cream consists of a fuzzy and oh so very tasty peach flavor that is welcomes by the taste buds.  On exhale, the other two flavors, papaya and coconut cream are introduced to render those same taste buds blown away.  The perfect tropical vape for any occasion.

Piggybacking off of Brewell’s Hard Apple Brew #45, the menthol version adds a cool minty menthol hit to the popular original Apple Brew. Although, numbered the same, you will not miss the distinct coolness on the exhale.

Without a doubt, apple brew is one of the most favorite flavors of vape lovers. Brewell Vapory has enhanced its flavor by adding an element of cool menthol mint to it in its delicious offering Hard Apple Iced Brew. Inhale of this flavor will give you the taste of apple while it is the exhale that will leave your taste buds with a cool minty flavor.